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This page is divided into two parts: The first is finding phone numbers, addresses and postal codes. The second is dedicated to finding E-mail addresses. Also, please note that to be listed with the e-mail search utilities you must register with them.


Austria This Austrian phone book is in German only.

Australia These electronic Australian white (yellow are there also) pages seem a little weak in that they do not recognize that some people have last names consisting of more than one word.

Canada411 Guess which country this serves... It doesn't provide provide apartment numbers but, like its American counterpart, if you click on the listed name, it brings up all listed numbers for a given family name accross the country (including, of course, the area code). If you only need a postal code, go to:

Canada Post Canada Post's site allows you to navigate around to learn proper formatting for addresses in Canada and much more. You can even learn about their system (as if anyone really cares). Bye the way, very little searching around will allow you to work in French on either of these sites.

Canada Yellow Pages are finally on line. Search all of Canada for a business by name or category.

Holland It does serve Holland/The Netherlands so, naturally, it is in Dutch. Which, of course, means that if you are looking for anyone in Holland you better learn Dutch quickly.

is the electronic white pages for all of the United States. It is comprehensive and will return all findings in all states of an entry for a single family name. Results generally include the address with apartement number, postal code and a phone number including the area code.


Bigfoot is a pretty interesting E-mail search engine and, if you visit their site, you'll find lots of nifty Feetures!

Seek my children, and you shall find.

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Posted April 14, 1998
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