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Living in a christian environment our virtual connection to the jewish community is very important to us. As of this date, there are in excess of 2,000 Judaica related sites on the web. The following are some links which help us keep in touch.
Judaism 101 As it's name, Judaism 101 (also known as is just that. It's a great place to go get basic facts about Judaism (to get answers to may Frequently Asked Questions).
Torah Fax Torahfax is a place to read a little interpretation from the Old Testament every day. Imbued with little parables, it is a place to learn a bit about the religious psyche of the Jewish soul. It also serves as a reminder as to the significance of upcoming holidays.

Project Genesis If you're looking for a place where you can study Torah - this is it! There is audio on this page as well as some of their other pages. As they will warn you, you will need Toolvox to listen to some of their lectures.

This is Yale's
Judaic Exhibition.
Well worth a visit!
Art for art's sake! These pages are also a little slow but that is because of the exquisite quality of the images posted. You will find a few relics of biblical times illustrated on these pages and, most probably, a few pieces I never had time to look at. Enjoy your tour of Yale's Judaic site.

Nizkor Nizkor is, perhaps, one of the most important holocaust sites around. It is unusually valuable in that it allows deniers (and other lunatics) a venue to spout their foolishness. The reason we feel this is so important is that it serves to remind us that people like Toronto's Ernst Zundel are not alone in their drive to misinform and hide the horror of the past. The biggest risk of recurrence rises from a lack of vigilance against deniers. The only way we can argue their statements is to know what they are saying. The only way to correct it is to face it.

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Posted April 14, 1998
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