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One day Mr. Mulroney will pass away and he will be remembered, erroneously, as a great Canadian. The reality is that he has done more to destroy this country than any other leader in the history of Canada. Now, unfortunately, he is speaking out again. He is, at the very least, partially responsible for bringing this country to the brink of bankruptcy and directly responsible for the selling of Canadian water rights. He worked diligently to sell Canada off, one piece at a time. Rather than unloading the garbage, the crown corporations that were costing us money, he sold off all or part of the profitable corporations. He allowed Canada Post to lie to us...

It was at about this time where statistics indicated that we were suffering from a greatly increased number of people living below the poverty line. Mr. Mulroney solved the problem for us (he's my hero). He lowered the income level indicating poverty. Can we see a trend there? Fudging was a way of life in the Mulroney era.

In January of 1991 he permitted an increase in postal rate under the condition that they meet their stated delivery times. Since Canada Post could not meet these delivery guaranties they decreased the standards. This was not in keeping with the agreement for increased postal rates, however, the increase was not rolled back. It has, subsequently, increased. He couldn't even get crown corporations to keep their promises.

A smart business man (something he obviously wasn't) would sell off the losers. Air Canada, in one of its most profitable years was partially sold off on the open market. This crown corporation was not given to the Canadians who owned it (as was done with the Alberta telephone system) it was sold off to investors in the common share market. This was our profitable corporation. The majority of Canadians never had the opportunity to own any part of this crown corporation. Much the same scenario occured with PetroCanada...

The Conservatives, under Mr. Mulroney, invited separatists into the house of parliament as well paid (and pensioned) traitors. Now that he set the stage, we have the Bloc (traitors to Canada) as the official opposition with all the perks of being "loyal" members of parliament.

Thank you very much, Mr. Mulroney. (Try though we may) We won't forget you!

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Posted April 14, 1998
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