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So... what is so experimental about this page? Well, with our previous web site, we were maintaining a page that merely acted as a personalized gateway to the Internet. It did not really say much about us, our home or how we felt about the world around us. In many ways, it was a page of links to more links which often did no more than send you on a chase for information that was nowhere. We grew very tired of this.

This site - we believe is different. It is our new home away from home. We decorated it the way we would our physical home and surrounded ourselves with things that have meaning and are important to us. Consequently, visiting here will leave you with a good idea of who we are. This site is about the four corners of our world as respresented by the graphics in the corners: Our business (the tiger in the top right) our faith (the star of David at the bottom right) our home city (the bridges of Cambridge at the bottom left) and our country (the maple leaf at the top left).

To us, this site is an experiment in testing whether this type of home is comfortable. In a sense it is like trying on a new piece of clothing and wearing it, for the first time, in public - strange feeling indeed!

If you haven't guessed yet, we are Internet people. We spend 90% of our waking hours in virtual space. In fact, there are times and/or situations when it is difficult to distinguish between the real and the virtual. This home page is meant to emphasize our reality in virtual space. Oxymoron? Absolutely! On one hand, the Internet is a world of "make believe" yet on the other hand it is a true reflection of our world. So... this web site is a reflection of our little world without the "make believe" part.

BTW if you would like a web site, please feel free to visit our business. We have, recently, come out with a new product (Web Sites to Go!) which makes it possible for every one to own a web site without knowing HTML, various software packages or have an understanding of the "ins and outs" of web site creation.

We divided this site into two sections. One section is totally about us and our interests and can be accessed through the links on the left. On the right side we listed the utilities we use. Please note that some of these links will lead you to other web sites, many of which we created for our clients, our business or just for the joy of it. Since this site is our personal home we know our address of by heart, however, if you should get lost in the jungle out there, make certain to bookmark this page before leaving or simply use the back button of your browser to return.

Thanks for visiting our home.

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Posted September 10, 1998
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